CQUINN Guidelines

Alpine Vending have worked extensively with our current NHS partners to ensure all of our cold drink, snack, hot drinks & food machines are compliant with CQUINN guidelines. We understand that there is a need to provide healthier choices to staff, visitors & patients alike whilst also ensuring that we maximise the sales of each machine on site.

We currently operate over 100 machines across several NHS trusts throughout the Northwest. All of these machines comply with 2018/19 CQUINN guidelines in relation to cold drinks, snacks & pre packed Savoury items, with the majority already meeting the requirements for 19/20.

Since the inception of CQUINN our procurement Department has done extensive product research which has enabled us to ensure our machines contain both the best-selling lines which also adhere to the criteria set out within CQUIN.

Finally in addition to these measures we have signed the NHS’s Supplier Commitment document which aims to reduce the sales of sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs) on NHS premises. As part of this agreement Alpine Vending Co will provide our NHS partners with quarterly self-reported data which will comprise of total monthly beverage sales by volume (litres), including the total number of sugar-sweetened beverage sales, on a site by site basis.


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